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Here's some COOL LINKS to World Chat that will help
you enjoy World chat better.

My World List of Links

Cyberwitch's Cool Friends Page
All the cool Friends on World Chat
Tilly Tells All
Great page to go to find out parties, what is happening on World Chat
Wildcard cyber Center
If you want to know the layout of Worlds Chat he had mapped out the whole worlds and did a really good job on it
Execom's Domain
Great stuff anything and everything about WC
Predawnia Univerese
Chat Resource-Really good things for World chat -ICQ etc
Mega Creations
Patches for World Chat for changing the Cool Looks of WC
Koi Pond Page
Place to get other Pond Dweller's Avatars (for
Sting's Place
Place where you get and check other peoples Avatars and other great things
Fouriner's Home Page
Girls if you ever want to get daring and sexy. Here the place to go for daring and sexy Avatar for World Chat
Frode 's Home Page
If you need a Custom Personalize Avatar in WC for men and woman here's your man if you ask really nice He might make you one
Sassy Cat
A nice page to check out
Cyberwitch Other little Corner
Check out this site, and a Place to Sign The Guest book and Download Avaters of CW

I hope these links will help you enjoy World Chat more.
Check out the other Pages, have some good ones. I will be updating
my pages as times go. So come back and check things out.
Please sign my guest book. If you have any suggestions. Please

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