Links to Stuff I use to
Helps make My Site

Below You will find Links to people sites
the have cool things.Their stuff help
make My Site look so Great. Thanks
and check out their stuff.

Border Background Links

Elly's Slice of Cyberpie
Very good backgroundsborders
Fantasyland Graphics
Som ereally nice backgrounds/Borders
Twilight Borders bye Fantasy Realm
Great Borders

Animation Gifs. Links

Simply Free Stuff
Great animated gifs
DeeDee Wild and Wacky World
Alot of great stuff
Debby's Gif animations and homepage
More Animations gifs

Misc. Links

Domain name Search
Good place to look for information
on people Domain names

Java Links

The Java Boutique"
Some really nice Java
Java sun
More Java
Javascript Developer
Some good Java
Great Java need password


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