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On this page I put all the cool and dear friends of mine in World Chat. If you don't see your name on this page, let me know and I will have it updated. It's not that I don't care when I put these up. It's just that if I forgot you I didn't mean too. You're so special to me. You know who you are. So here's some of the coolest friends on World Chat some with their own Home Page.

Acailin,After Hours, ~ATHENA~ Angel*Mom,Ali, Appollo, Anna leea~, aramis. Augie, , auntie sue, AURA., .Aussi, , Aussie, BadBoy, Bare-Wabbit, balu. BarbeLynne, beach girl, beebop, beecee, betty boop., Big C, Bigeye, Biker, Blackthorn, BLB, Bleedin Me, , Bodhisattva, , Boid, BoneHead, , Bree, Brin, *Brite Eyes*, "bubba", Bushmaster, Buzz, Buzzkill, cahobbes, Callyn, candycorn, chewbaca, chill, chocfish, chrissie, Circe, Cissie, clipper, Craig, Creamcheese, cryptic, ~`CRYSTAL, Cyber, CyberFalcon, Cyber~One , Daphne, Dark Angel.Darkness, Dark Knight, Dark Shadows,Davey, Dean O!!!!, DEBBIE IN FL, Doc, Dies Irae, Dolly, Dot Matrix. donna, , DonNZ, dragon queen , Dragosis, Dred. Duaine, Duchess, , Early Riser, ~E~ enigma, Emerald, Epi, Evilla, EVITA, eze,fairynuff Firecracker, Flaming Star , fouriner,, Frode, Furry, Ghostrider, Gis, GollyBob, Green Tea, Gypsi Wynd, Hadlee ,Handymom, HeartN'Soul,Helge, Hoss, HuRLoCkeR, IcanezU, IDK, ILGOIST , In2it, Insomniac , IrenetheDitz, , Issky, , Jack D, JCX2, Jaddock, Jcee, just, *Joker*, kate, Kate M, KATH, , KBird, , KC, , KITT, Kiwi, kiwired, , KOTUKU, LadyLack, Lord Demon, LapLap, Laura, lean-Tdan, leaper, Lost Mermaid, Mac, Mag, maggie, Maltes, Mandy, maniac, , Mary. Mathias, mazen, McKatt, MegaByte, Minew, misty j, Mr.Ed. MrBenz, MTCat, mystery, Mystic. Maui, Mathias, mazen, Mike D, *newfie*, newfy, Nice, Nicole, Nod, Noe, Nomadic_One, Northman, NarGGen, , Nosferatu, , nufsaid, Odin, Oscette, Otis, oz one , Palpatine, patch, Patty, Peter.Swe, Pecker, philman, Pickled, phar lap, Pistachio, Pixiedust, Preious ,Prinesses, poppy, predawn, Pulp, Puma, RAND, Raven, Ray M, Rainbow,RANDY, Raver, Rayven,, Red~, Red Fox, Reno Jim ,Rock Danger, Richard, Robbery, *Rob*, RoyalSW, Running Bare, Ryan, rupert, Sabre, SCARLETT , Sassy Cat, Silvermane Sombre Scarlett 2, *SCORPIO*, seal, Seeker, Seiko, serrel, Sierra, sinnomin, Sexy *Angel .ShadowFax, ,Shutterbug, skully, Skytalk. Skie, Sgt Pepper, shooter, Silverwolf, sinnomin, Sleeptea, slip, Solo, Speedy, ,spock, Stardust Stamati, ***STARR**, stargate. Starlit, Starlite, Steely Dan, stiles, Summit, SUPERBIRD, Sunshine, Suzette, Suzy, Sweet*Angel, Sweetbliss, Tamara, Tandia, TechnoMage , techno, temptrest, Terminator, *Tess terry, ,TerryNZ, Tilly, The Count, Tim, Tinkerbell, toosweet, Thinker, Tom, Trent, Trev, Trixie, 2x4, The Viper, Tricorder, TX-Paladin, ,~Venus~, Valkyrie, Valley*Peach, Vader, Vampire, Vinny Vaga, Whiddle, WHOOSH, Wildcard, Winter Rose, Witchs Brew, Woodchip, Woodsman,

I hope I didn't miss anyone.....but, if I did.. let me know and I will fix it* Smile* . .

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