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Dear Virtual Abby


Hi, If you need some advice or some problem

to be solved. In Virtuals. Let me know.

I am here to make your life in Virtual

Worlds a little happier. You can email

me and get your Answers here.

Dear Virtual Abby

I have a boyfriend that want to use my

password. But I found out that he's been

collecting other girls' like rwxs .Should

I give it to him? PASSWORD.RWX


Well tell him you will put it into an

object and only want him to have it. Since

he hasn't been so true to you. Have him

click on the object with this in the action

activate teleport +9999999999 that should

teach him not to collect other girls when

he gets back in.

Dear Virtual Abby

I have a problem. I used to be able to go

through walls and everything. Now everytime

I try it wouldn't let me. It now just makes me

go around the wall. I want to go through it,

what can I do? CRASH


If you want to go through the wall just make

sure it has create solid no in the action.

But if it is someone's else,why in the world do

you want to keep banging your head on the wall?

Just go around it, it's faster or you just slide.

Dear Virtual Abby

I have a friend that everytime I build with

her. Her friends join her and we can't be

alone. What can I do? LONELY


Will you can either have her turn off her no

join so they can't join her. Or you can make

sure you're in a closed world. Or you can just

go off be by your self and don't have to worry

about that problem.

Dear Virtual Abby

Every time I go into a new world I end up being

a guy. How can I stop being a Man Avatar?



1.Will You can either not go into any of the

Worlds you have not been into before.
2.Go up

to Avatars and change your AV,
3. Learn to


Will thats all untill next week. You can

ask me any questions about in our Virtual

World's life. You can Email at

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